Bird Dogs Make It Happen.

A Bird-Dog brought St. Ives to Jay’s attention. A Bird-Dog is a real estate insider (agents, lenders, regular folks with lots of friends) who finds off-market opportunities and makes introductions – we love Bird-Dogs – they are hungry, ambitious and they only get paid if the deal happens – motivation. This particular gentleman, Victor, goes way back in the Hollywood crowd and brings very interesting deals. The St. Ives sellers wanted to do a quick off-market sale and knew the property needed renovation. They did not want their house on the open market (this is common here in L.A., especially among the celebrity and power players). Off-market deals are usually a dream. There are fewer players involved, you have direct access to the sellers and any issues can be dealt with informally and in a spirit of generosity. It’s Jay’s favorite way to buy a project and he buys far more this way than the standard route.

LANDSHARK TIP: “Find yourself some Bird Dogs. Seek out people behind-the-scenes who make deals happen. There are Agents who operate off the radar and only do private deals. Find them and let them know your product type. Be prepared to take care of them and create long-term working relationships. Treat them with great respect – they are one of your greatest allies in this business.”

There are a hundred stories about theSt.Ives project (including a criminal ring targeting the house) so we will dive back in for more later, but for now, here is a “Before and After”, created by filmmaker Myles Berkowitz that captures the essence of this amazing property.

And go out there and find yourself some bird dogs!